Reboot.Forum 2018

Reboot Forum’s 6th Annual Summit, Hilton Tel-Aviv, 19.06.2018

Our ‘Health Sustainability Conference’ is the annual “summit meeting” of the health community in Israel, where the public, private and third sector meet. The conference constitutes a broad platform for public discussion around challenges of the health system, and innovative solutions to promote sustainable health in Israel. In addition to fascinating ‘health talks’ by public figures, senior professionals, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, the “Leading Health Initiative of the Year” is exposed and awarded, along with other winners in the contest.

Reboot Forum 2018: Draft Agenda

08:00  Gathering & Breakfast
09:00  Part I: The Health System from a personal P.O.V
10:30   Coffee break and networking

11:00   Part II: Israeli Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Who will be 2018’s Leading Health Initiative?
12:30   Lunch

13:45   Part III: Reboot HEALTH TALKS
15:15    Summary & closing

Chair: Dr. Yitzhak Berlovich ꘡ Contest Scientific Chair: Prof. Ran Balitzer ꘡ Scientific Chair: Dr. Michal Hemmo-Lotem  ꘡ Host: Eleanor Sela  ꘡ Content Curator: Keren Litani


Reboot Summit 2018

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