Leading Health Initiative of The Year Contest

Health Initiative Of The Year Contest

The contest identifies initiatives that can lead to significant change among patients, their families or medical staff, and thus contribute to the sustainability of the health system in Israel. All members of the community participate in the selection of initiatives, where the winners receive a “Reboot Accelerator Package” that includes a financial budget, introduction to influencers and decision makers, professional advice, support and mentoring, and broad professional and public exposure.

Our ‘Health Accelerator’

In order to bring about change today – and to influence tomorrow’s sustainability challenges, we must encourage and assist the resource that is most available to us: human capital within and outside the health system. Israeli ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurship are our greatest competitive advantage and can be encouraged not only by investing financial resources but also by mentoring, consulting, overcoming bureaucracy, and mainly through cooperation and mutual assistance. It’s different from commercial accelerators because we do not claim back profits from successful initiatives. This platform encourages people within the system to take the initiative, and lead the change themselves. Unlike the start-up incubators, the model here is not oriented towards business outcomes for investors, but rather results that will be measured in improving public health, processes, service, patient experience, and more. The profit is of the health system as a whole.

Supporting initiatives today – Promising the healthcare of tomorrow

Leading Healthcare Initiative of The Year

‘The leading Healthcare Initiative’ contest (see rules & regulations) is held by Reboot Forum. It is aimed at “Re-Booting” initiatives which can contribute to the sustainability of the healthcare system in Israel. For additional information and on-going news and updates, visit: www.infomed.co.il.

Leading Healthcare Initiatives of 2019
Selected from 8400-The Health Network on-going initiatives 

1ST Place: 2019 Leading Health Initiative

HealthTech Ecosystem Playbook

2nd Place: 

Madaei Yesod

3rd  Place:

Boutique Mentoring @ 8400

Leading Healthcare Initiatives of 2018
Out of 188 submitted initiatives 

1ST Place: “SensPD”
2018 Leading Health Initiative

Raphael Rembrand and Maayan Shachar

2nd Place: “HC Connect”

Guy Tavori

3rd  Place: “ED Smartline”

Mor Saban, Ayala Ben Ari, and Hava Barniv

Forum Members Favorite

Rachel Leikovich

Leading Healthcare Initiatives of 2017
Out of 207  submitted initiatives

1ST Place: “Bio Bank”
2017 Leading Health Initiative

Prof. Varda Shalev, Director of R&D at Maccabi Healthcare Services

2nd Place: “MedAware”

Dr. Gidi Stein, Founder & CEO, a senior physician at the Rabin Medical Center

3rd Place: “HEALTHYMIZE”

Dr. Shadi Hassan, CEO, a physician at the Carmel Medical Center

Forum Members Favorite:
“Maccabi 4 The Family”

Dr. Liza Abarbanel Cnani,  Welfare & CR at Maccabi Healthcare Services

Judging Committees Members