Leading Health Initiatives

Leading Initiatives

These initiatives were chosen by ‘Reboot Forum’ because of their ability to lead to significant change among patients, their families or medical staffs, and to contribute to the sustainability of the health system in Israel. They have received an “Acceleration Package” that includes financial support, introduction to influencers and decision-makers, professional advice and mentoring, and broad professional and public exposure.

Supporting initiatives today – Promising the healthcare of tomorrow

Leading Healthcare Initiative of 2020
Selected from 250 initiatives at a public contest organized by Reboot Forum and ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’ group.

The ‘2020 Leading Health Initiative’ finalists received broad professional and public exposure, including exclusive coverage in ‘Yedioth Ahronoth-Ynet’. Contest winner was also awarded a financial prize.

1ST Place: Maccabi RD

2nd Place: Well-Beat

3rd Place: 16:01

Leading Healthcare Initiatives of 2019
Selected exclusively from 8400-The Health Network initiatives   

In 2019, the forum focused on encouraging infrastructure initiatives that can advance health and life sciences and contribute to their transformation into Israel’s next growth engine. Therefore, it was decided that the ‘2019 Leading Health Initiative’* will be selected from initiatives initiated and promoted regularly in the 8400 Leadership Program. This initiative received guidance and assistance in development and implementation, and broad professional and public exposure, including exclusive coverage of ‘Yedioth Ahronoth Group’. All of the other health initiatives developed in 8400 also received financial assistance, sponsored by the forum.

1ST Place: 2019 Leading Health Initiative – HealthTech Ecosystem Playbook

2nd Place: Madaei Yesod

3rd Place: Boutique Mentoring @ 8400

Leading Healthcare Initiatives of 2018
Submitted in total: 188 initiatives    Semi-Finals/Finals: Shortlists

188 proposals, plans, projects, and various health initiatives were submitted to the 2018 contest. There were 139 initiatives that met the criteria for submission. Of these, 45 reached the semi-finals after undergoing a screening and control process that rated the initiatives by assessing their feasibility, contribution to patients and the health system, and the degree of impact on improving public health. 525 forum members and the judging committee selected the 10 finalists – the initiatives that reached the final stage. Contest winners are 4 initiatives: 1 in the public sector track, 1 in the private / business sector, 1 in the 3rd sector track and 1 is the “forum members favorite”. One of them is announced as the ‘Leading Health Initiative of the Year’. The winning initiatives receive a “reboot package” that includes financial support, advice from seniors in the healthcare system, professional guidance and mentoring, and extensive media and professional exposure.

Raphael Rembrand and Maayan Shachar

1ST Place: 2018 Leading Health Initiative

“SensPD”: SensPD, led by Raphael Rembrand, develops a tool and method for early identification of failures in the function of sensory perception as characteristics of disorders of the autism sequence and other disorders. The aspiration of the entrepreneurs is to add an objective-physiological dimension to the existing diagnosis, in order to perform a postnatal screening that will help identify early signs of autism and lead to earlier intervention. Read more…

Guy Tavori

2nd Place

“HC Connect”: ‘Health & Community Connection’ project, led by Guy Tavori, CEO of the Ruth Worobel Association, presents solutions to improve the quality of life of patients who are confined to the home and aims to facilitate daily coping with the routine of the disease, including providing support services to their families. The model identifies their core needs, maps the services and resources provided to them by the public health system, and provides full support for their implementation with the help of medical and nursing students in cooperation with the sick funds. Read more…

Mor Saban, Ayala Ben Ari, and Hava Barniv

3rd Place

ED Smartline: Mor Saban, an emergency room nurse at Rambam Medical Center, Ayala Ben Ari, an engineer from Clalit Health Services, and Hava Barniv, also a nurse, at Clalit Health Services, which is designed to help manage stress, – Real-time computer, the level of urgency and location in line, in order to significantly improve the procedure for admission and release in emergency care centers. Read more…

Rachel Leikovich

Forum Members Favorite

Every year thousands of patients die not as a result of the disease they have suffered, but because of infection with acquired infections in hospitals. The Safe Medicine Association aims to save the lives of patients by raising awareness. Read more…

Leading Healthcare Initiatives of 2017
Submitted in total: 207 initiatives    Semi-Finals/Finals: Shortlists

The call for projects to submit to the Health Accelerator is being realized by this annual competition, in cooperation with ‘Globes’ newspaper. 2017 publications were answered by individuals and professionals alike (medical centers, health funds, doctors & nurses, start-up companies and private entrepreneurs). In all, more than 200 projects were submitted to a volunteer jury composed of a wide range of healthcare stakeholders: from patient organization representatives to policymakers, academia, industry, media representatives and more. Jury narrowed the selection to ten top innovations. The final winners were announced on June 17th, 2017 at the Annual Reboot Conference. They have received a package consists of financial support, media coverage, professional exposure, consulting, close mentoring, meetings with policymakers and more. Helping them identify and open the right doors and, in time, see their innovations implemented or “rebooted”. these 3 initiatives are now underway, changing today – the healthcare of tomorrow:

Prof. Varda Shalev, Director of R&D at Maccabi Healthcare Services

1ST Place: 2017 Leading Health Initiative

“Bio Bank”: A Biological sampling pool for research use. The initiative will be established by recruiting existing sick fund members to donate samples for DNA mapping, bio-markers, and epigenetic testing, which will assist in various studies for the detection and prevention of various genetic diseases.    

Read more:   01   02   03   04

Dr. Gidi Stein, Founder & CEO, a senior physician at the Rabin Medical Center

2nd Place

“MedAware”: Optimization and monitoring of a prescribed medical treatment and prevention life-threatening errors in prescription drugs, that appear to occur in about 1.5% of the patients on average, with the risk of prolonged/repeated hospitalizations, at best, and, at worst, an increased risk of death. This technology can prevent life-threatening errors to approximately 20,000 patients each year in Israel.

Dr. Shadi Hassan, CEO, a physician at the Carmel Medical Center

3rd Place

“HEALTHYMIZE”: An innovative solution for diseases that affect speech, such as lung & heart diseases, through an application that listens to phone calls and processes speech signals. The platform identifies a worsening of the physical condition and thus provides alerts to the patient and medical staff, enabling early treatment and preventing deterioration.

Forum Members Favorite

“Maccabi 4 Family”: This program, led by Liza Abravanel Kanani, a district social worker at Maccabi Healthcare Services, offers a support system for family members of chronically ill patients, including assistance, guidance, information, support and encouragement to help relatives with coping with the patient.



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