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The Sustainable Healthcare Challenge

Like many countries around the world, Israel’s healthcare system is facing significant challenges. The “Short Blanket”, the growing gap between the needs of the health sector and the resources devoted to answering them – endangers it’s sustainability for the coming years. With aging population, ever-growing rates of chronic diseases and advancement of new services and technologies – it is urgent to find innovative ways to save resources and improve patient outcomes. In this reality, promoting a quality, attentive and sensitive healthcare system, that is also effective and just – and at the same time sustainable – is a greater challenge than ever before.

What is Reboot Forum?

Reboot Forum is a public benefit initiative established in 2014, aimed at promoting health to the very top of the national priorities and ensuring the sustainability of the healthcare system in Israel. The forum is a wide community about 1,000 members (Policy Makers, HCP’s, Academia, Industry and other KOL’s and experts) that cooperate, on a voluntary basis, to bring about change and improvement through innovation and collaboration. We peruse principles of practical innovation, transforming the academic discourse into actions.

What Do We Do?

We encourage people within the health system to take initiative, and lead the change themselves, supporting innovation & entrepreneurship by our ‘Health Accelerator’ that gives financial support, consulting, mentoring, and broad professional & public exposure. Initiatives that can lead to significant change are identified through the annual ‘Leading Heath Initiative’ contest. Our Events are an exclusive platform for public debate around healthcare and a driver for broad exchange of ideas and cross-sectorial multi-disciplinary cooperation. plus, the forum’s Health Talks are the ultimate way to influence, criticize, raise public & professional awareness or to share innovative ideas with Israel’s health community.

Leading Health Initiatives

These initiatives were chosen by ‘Reboot Forum’ because of their ability to lead to significant change among patients, their families or medical staffs, and to contribute to the sustainability of the healthcare system. They have won the annual ‘Leading Health Initiative Of The Year Contest‘ and received an “Acceleration Package” that includes financial support, introduction to influencers & decision-makers, professional advice and mentoring and broad professional and public exposure. The contest is held once a year and it’s open to everyone.

Leading Health Talks

Reboot Forum Events

If you’re a forum member we’ll let you know when to Save The Date!  Our events are designed primarily for members but some of them are also open (based on availability*) for individuals or institutes interested in the future of healthcare in Israel and who can contribute to the dialogue or activities. Other ways to participate are: applying to speak in our ‘Health Talks’ or submitting ideas for the ‘Initiative Of The Year’ contest. * Forum events are space limited, with priority for active members.

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