Health Talks

Reboot Forum’s Health Talks

‘Health Talks’ are basically fascinating speeches and lectures on health-related issues. That’s the ultimate way to influence, criticize, raise public/professional awareness or to share innovative ideas with Israel’s health community and the general public. Selected talks are published on national news media, leading websites and various social media platforms.

Opportunities To Talk

Our ‘Sustainable Health’ Summits and annual meetings are where the health community in Israel team-up, once a year. It’s where senior decision-makers, public and professional figures, entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders meet and share thoughts, ideas, challenges, and solutions. These gatherings serve as a unique platform for public debate and also for presenting featured ‘Health Talks’. Other opportunities to talk are through our collaborations with media outlets. In the last years, HEALTH TALKS are filmed and published exclusively by Yedioth-Aharonot/Ynet and are available in Ynet and in YouTube, reaching millions of views.

Do you want to Talk?

‘Health Talks’ speakers are chosen by a volunteer content committee, once a year. Anyone can apply. Rules of the format are: a 5 minutes talk, It has to be on healthcare (or related), you agree to share it publically. Submit your talk here:

 Our Talks

2019 Compilation [ynet]

2019 Talks Compilation

2018 Talks Compilation

2017 Talks Compilation

2015-2016 Compilation

2014 Compilation [TML]

PM Orly Levi-Abekasis

Noaz Bar Nir

Ze'ev Wormbrand‎‏

Keren Shechter-Azulay

Eleanor Sela 1/5 [2018]

Doron Kooperstein

2017 Talks Compilation

Eleanor Sela #1 [2017]

Eleanor Sela #2 [2017]

Prof. Ran Balicer

Shay Niv

Guy Tavori

Rabbi Yaakov Litzman

Prof. Ronni Gamzu

PM Shuli Mualem

Ran Saar

Dr. Sivan Goshen

Shmuel Ben-Yaakov

2015-2016 Compilation

Prof. Dan Ariely #1 [2017]

Prof. Dan Ariely #2 [2017]

Alon Neuman

Prof. Ran Balicer

Avi Yaron

2014 Compilation [TML]

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss

Shay Rishoni

Tzameret Fuerst

Dr. Kira Radinsky

Keren Elazari