Vered Zilberberg

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  • Healthcare innovation & design thinking consultant & entrepreneur
  • Manage-Med

Vered Zilberberg is a leading strategic consultant to healthcare & pharma companies, medical centers, physicians & startups with an experience of over 15 years as a senior medical manager & entrepreneur  with a deep understanding & expertise in the medical & healthcare arena in Israel. she is a passionate advocate of “medical consumer design thinking” putting an emphasis on the patient as a consumer and promoting patient knowledge and accessibility within medical & healthcare processes and organizations. She is also the founder & CEO of ManageMed a comprehensive platform for medical and healthcare business development & services. Focused on patient-doctor-medical service-healthcare facility ecosystems with the aim of harnessing design thinking and innovation to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness, patient satisfaction & medical service quality.  Previously she was co- founder & CEO of Gcmed, a global  patient support platphorm , and the CEO of Assia Medical a leading surgery group practice, co – founder  and the marketing director of ‘Broshim’ school of complementary medicine.
Zilberberg is a master (M.A) in art therapy (Pshycodrama) , and leads group and personal processes of combined business & personal growth. She’a a passionate advocate, speaker & writer on healthcare policies & medical innovation services.