Yitzhak Berlovitz

  • Healthcare Professional
  • 'Wolfson' Medical Center, Ministry Of Health, National Health Councils, NGOs & Non-Profit's

Chairman, Reboot Forum 

Dr. Yitzhak Berlovitz, served many years as CEO of the ‘Wolfson’ Medical Center. He also served as Deputy CEO of the Ministry of Health in Israel and as a member of the National Health Basket Committee until 2006. Today he still serves as Chairman of the National Council for Safety, Home & Leisure, and member of the National Council for Logistics and the National Advisory Committee according to the Health Insurance Law, on behalf of the MOH. His skills and experience helps him in his volunteer work at the Israeli Patient Rights Organization and at the Hemophilia Patient’s NGO, as it’s President. Dr. Berlovitz is one of Reboot Forum’s founding members and serves as chairman of the board and steering Committee since 2016, also on a voluntary basis.