Bwell group engaged in the fields of medicine, healthy lifestyle and seniors. The group provides services to hundreds of thousands of customers every day and leads the revolution in health and wellness in Israel with the help of professional teams, advanced technology and personalized service.

Areas of activity: Health Division: A wide range of health services, promoting the new standard of a healthy lifestyle: rehabilitation, healthy lifestyle, information centers, support and service to patients and more. Projects Division: Project management including planning, technology, operations, and control: special projects for companies and institutions, such as sports and fitness classes, medical services, seminars, professional training, writing and editing of dedicated medical content and more. The 3rd Age Division: Wide range of customer services in aspects of social life, quality of life, health and leisure, such as “Club 50” that promotes quality of life for the elderly. Digital content division: Management of public information portals with over 1.7 million different users a month and more.