Mordechai Shani

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  • Healthcare Professional, Chairman of Health and Community Division
  • The Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research
Mordechai Shani is a Professor of medicine and in Healthcare Systems at the Tel Aviv University. He has served twice as the Director of the Ministry of Health (1979 and 1993-1994) and director of the “Sheba” medical center for several years. Prof.  Shani founded (2005) and served as the first director of the School of Public Health at the Tel Aviv University. He also founded the “Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research”, which provides health system research tools formulate policies. he led the health insurance reform, supporting the enactment of the National Health Insurance to its application as Health Ministry director general and led the reform of mental health services.
Today, among his many activities, Prof. Shani acts as president of the research fund and infrastructure development of the Sheba Medical Center and as chairman of the Health and Community Division at the Gartner institute, a division involved in promoting healthcare development for the next decade.

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