Shahar Larry

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  • Tinker, Thinker, Storyteller. Disruption and Innovation Tamer.
  • Tinker - Manage Disruption

Founder/leader at Tinker. Larry develops/supports potentially disruptive innovations (as a service provider, partner, mentor, advisory board), with innovators (e.g., Startups), funders (VCs) and commercializers (Corporations). Based on significant and unique international innovation experience, he designs, develops and implements programs and services for managing and thriving in disrupted environments. He talks and writes about it (e.g., TEDx, Disrupt Colombia, LinkedIn, Medium) and teach Disruption Management (e.g., Visiting Faculty at INSEAD, CESA).
Larry works at Tinker since 2005, with experience in: tech, financial services/fintech, Telecom, infrastructure, energy, oil & gas, pharma, medical devices, food & beverages, CPG, heavy industry, academia, security and a bunch more. He also volunteers s a board member at NOVA (an NGO providing consulting services to other NGOs). Larry holds an MBA from INSEAD and a B.A. In physics and philosophy from the Tel Aviv University.