Shay Rishoni

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  • Patient Advocacy, NGO Chairman
  • Prize4life

Shay Rishoni is CEO of Prize4Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the discovery of treatments and a cure for ALS. He was the CEO and founder of Mediterraneo 365, a sports production company that specializes in large cycling races. Previously, he used to work for Flying Cargo Group, where he held various management positions including VP Logistics and VP Marketing. Shay holds an MBA from the University of Hartford, Co., USA. In addition, as an extremely versatile individual he was a commercial pilot, a tour guide with specialization in the Indian sub-continent and Himalayan treks and a military Colonel (rev.). As a passionate athlete he participated in triathlons, marathons and was an Ironman medalist. Shay also serves today as a council member at the American Answer ALS foundation and at the Leadership Team of IBT – Israel Brain Technology.

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