Reboot.Forum 2019

  • Date: 24 September, 2019
  • Location: Beautiful Israel Complex, Tel-Aviv

Reboot Forum and ‘8400-The Health Network‘ announced joint activities to promote health and life sciences, turning them into Israel’s next growth engine
The two organizations conducted joint activities to support health and life sciences, encourage innovation and Israeli entrepreneurship, and accelerate HealthTech’s transformation into the next growth engine. As part of the cooperation, Reboot Forum selected the ‘Leading Health Initiative of the Year’ from the 8400 initiatives and projects. The 2019 Forum’s “Health Talks” are exclusively covered by Ynet.

Reboot Forum and 8400 announced a collaboration between the organizations:

8400-The Health Network‘ is a public benefit company that develops and manages a multi-sector network of Health and HealthTech leaders and conducts a leadership program for senior executives from various sectors (in collaboration with Harvard Business School and international lecturers, senior executives and experts in their fields), based on networking, learning and promoting infrastructure initiatives – In order to accelerate the field and turn it into a growth engine in Israel. Graduates of the Leadership Program join the 8400 network and help position Israel as a global leader in the field. 8400 was established and funded by the support of a number of organizations, companies, philanthropists and organizations, and this year Reboot Forum joins the respected list of supporters of this venture.
See:, and Globes, 10/2018; 8400-The elite club of the health industry

In light of the fact that there are potential interfaces between the organizations, it was decided to cooperate in a number of activities in 2019, in order to support health and life sciences, encourage Israeli innovation & entrepreneurship, and to accelerate HealthTech – in order to generate Israel’s next growth engine.

Forum Activities for 2019 in cooperation with 8400:

Leading Health Initiative of the Year’
In 2019, the forum focused on encouraging infrastructure initiatives that can advance health and life sciences and contribute to their transformation into Israel’s next growth engine. Therefore, it was decided that the ‘2019 Leading Health Initiative’* will be selected from initiatives initiated and promoted regularly in the 8400 Leadership Program. This initiative received guidance and assistance in development and implementation, and broad professional and public exposure, including exclusive coverage of ‘Yedioth Ahronoth Group’. All of the health initiatives developed in 8400 received financial assistance of 300,000 NIS, sponsored by the Forum.

In 2019 – The Annual Forum and ‘Health Talks’ are moving to digital
In order to encourage the health discourse and expose forum’s content to wider audiences, the 2019 activities were conducted mainly in the digital space. The Forum’s Health Talks were filmed at ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’ studios and broadcasted on a special Ynet web site. The forum’s annual meeting was hosted by the 8400 Network, where additional talks will be presented to members of the 8400 network**.

Reboot Forum’s 2019 meeting was hosted by 8400, featuring a joint agenda and selected Health Talks. The forum’s ‘Leading Health Initiative Of The Year’ was also announced at this event.
* In 2019, the contest was not open to the general public.
** Talks suited to the meeting agenda. The meeting is part of the 8400 leadership program and was not open to the general public and the media.

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