Reboot.Forum 2021

  • Date: November, 2021
  • Location: Digital Event

Reboot Forum: 2021 Activities 
Our activities to support the healthcare system and encourage Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship for 2021
Our activities in 2021 in partnership with “Yedioth Aharonot” Group include:

2021 activities in cooperation with ‘Yedioth Aharonot’ group:

Leading Health Initiative of the Year’
The forum continues to encourage initiatives that can advance healthcare and contribute to public health. The ‘Leading Health Initiative Of The Year’ contest gives winning initiatives the opportunity to receive a financial prize and broad public exposure, including exclusive media coverage.
See ‘Accelerator’ WP for info.

Round Table Discussions
See ‘Media Room’ WP for info.

Annual ‘Health Talks’
See ‘Our Talks’ WP for info.

Reboot Forum’s 2021

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